TripIt from Concur

TripIt Functionality
  • TripIt is a trip management service that helps travelers organize and share their travel plans, no matter where they book. TripIt gives travelers the tools to combine all of their travel plans – whether booked within or outside of Direct Travel – into master itineraries that can be accessed via Concur, online at or on mobile apps. Travel information will be imported to their desktop calendars, integrated with networking sites, and easily shared with colleagues, friends, and family.
  • TripLink is the automatic upgrade of TripIt to the premium version, TripIt Pro, which will result in business itineraries booked in Concur Travel to be automatically placed into the TripIt account and kept synchronized. Trip plans also flow in the opposite direction to Concur if sent directly to TripIt and marked as business trips.
  • TripIt Pro is included for all travelers. TripIt Pro is a premium service that includes all the benefits of TripIt plus a suite of additional features geared to the frequent traveler including advanced flight monitoring, seat tracking, and more. More information on all the features of TripIt Pro are available at

TripIt shows you all your trip information in one place. Once you book your travel in Concur your information will automatically be sent to TripIt. If you book your travel with a third party, just email your itinerary to TripIt instantly organizes your travel information and creates a schedule showing you where to be and when.

  • TripIt is also important to the University because it has a locate feature. This feature will notify you if the travel advisory risk level changes during your travel, and allow the University to use Concur Messaging to provide you with steps to take.
  • If you have enrolled in My Travel Network and added frequent traveler accounts, you will see receipts from your trip waiting for you in Concur Expense.
  • We recommend you complete this process on the dashboard under the Alert section. The process will include activation, connection, and the opportunity to download the mobile app.

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