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Office of Accessibility Services

Office of Accessibility Services



College Compass Summer Bridge Program- 8/26/24 - 9/2/24

College Compass is a program geared specifically for residential and commuter students with Disabilities providing a smooth transition to college and campus life.

  • Provides you with the chance to move in early & get settled before the majority of other students
  • Support for students during move-in weekend and welcome week activities
  • Workshops providing students with valuable information to students new to Rowan
  • Personalized tours of campus showcasing valuable resource

 ***CLICK HERE for registration information for College Compass 2024***



The Office of Accessibility Services provides accommodations and assistance to students with various documented disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Students who meet University admissions requirements (i.e., otherwise qualified to attend the University) are required to submit appropriate documentation so that the University can determine whether they qualify for reasonable accommodations.

The staff coordinate and ensure accessible classes, use of assistive technology, audiotaped books (when available), examination administration in cooperation with the instructor, as well as other services as deemed necessary.

We Are Located on the 2nd Floor of Savitz Hall, Suite 237  

***The Office of Accessibility Services is urging students to schedule meetings with us using RSN or to email us directly. Once you set a time we will respond with a WebEx invite to set up a virtual meeting. We also encourage phone meetings if that is preferable to the student. 



***REQUIRED First Year, Transfer, and Returning Student ACCOMMODATION 101 ONBOARDING WORKSHOP*** 


Summer 2024 Dates and Times:

Wednesday 5/29/24 @ 6:00 PM, Wednesday 6/12/24 @ 6:00 PM, Wednesday 6/26/24 @ 6:00 PM, Wednesday 7/10/24 @ 6:00 PM, Wednesday 7/24/24 @ 6:00 PM   

All workshops will take place virtually via WebEx

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Office Hours:

Monday 8:30am-4:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am-4:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am-4:30
Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm
Friday 8:30am-4:30pm                                                                                                                   | (856) 256-4259

Other Important Resources:                                                                                                                                  

Military Services is located on the 2nd floor of Savitz Hall, Suite 237. The Military Services Office at Rowan University is the liaison with the Regional Processing Office in Buffalo, New York, to assist veterans and dependents of veterans with their education benefits. The Military Services Office also provides programming and resources for the the campus community. 

Testing Services is located on the 3rd floor of Savitz Hall. Although Testing Services works closely with the Academic Success Center to serve students who are registered with Accessibility Services, the Academic Success Center does not schedule or administer tests. If you have any questions about the tests scheduled or administered by Testing Services, please email or call the Coordinator of Testing Services by dialing 856-256-4263. 

Accommodated Testing Information for Instructors

Accommodated Testing Information for Students

Tutoring Services is located on the 2nd floor of Savitz Hall, and offers academic support in a variety of subjects in order to improve educational achievement. Tutoring is available free of charge to all Rowan University undergraduate students.

Emergency Preparedness

Rowan is committed to providing a safe and secure learning and working environment for its students and employees. Safety, however, is everyone’s responsibility. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with this website and the procedures we ask you to use during an emergency.


Students moving in

Registering for Accommodations

What you need to know if you are a student who is new to the Rowan University Accommodation Process.

Managing your Accommodations

Important information for Rowan students on how to manage their accommodations.

Accommodations for Praxis

Testing Accommodations for GMAT, GRE, Praxis

Praxis: Website link for information regarding accommodations for the Praxis test - Praxis website. The Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs (PDF) contains the procedures and forms for requesting testing accommodations. The Supplement should be used in conjunction with the information in The Praxis® Information Bulletin (PDF).

GRE: Website link for information regarding accommodations for the GRE test - GRE website. The Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs (PDF) contains procedures and forms for requesting testing accommodations.The 2020–21 GRE® Information Bulletin (PDF) contains information about GRE tests, policies and procedures for testing and GRE services and publications in effect from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021.

GMAT: Website link for information regarding accommodations for the GMAT exam - GMAT website. Review our 6-step guide for information about the accommodation request process. Most importantly, read both the GMAT™ Handbook and the GMAT™ Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities carefully. The GMAT™ Handbook provides critical information that every test taker, with or without a disability, must know to take the GMAT™ exam. The Supplement provides additional guidance on the process for requesting GMAT™ accommodations.

Please contact John Woodruff at and schedule an appointment.

Success Coaching

Success Coaching 

Using the Rowan Thrive Framework, the Success Coaching Program supports students with navigating their academic needs, as well as their well-being necessary to be successful at Rowan and in life. The Success Coaching Program will assist students with pertinent issues related to their college experience by focusing on the student’s individual needs and goals. Using motivational interviewing principles, coaching sessions will help students adjust to the rigors of higher education, gain a better understanding of campus resources, and develop plans for academic, and social development.

Disability FAQ's

Answers to some commonly asked questions about classroom, housing, and temporary accommodations.

Our Staff/ Contact Us

Academic Success Center staff and contact information.

Faculty/Staff Resources

The Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandate post-secondary institutions that receive federal financial assistance to provide educational programs and services that are accessible to students with disabilities. This includes providing reasonable accommodations for programmatic and physical access. The goal is to ensure equal opportunity and treatment as well as creating a welcoming environment for students with disabilities.

Community Outreach and Transition Resources

Read about the Academic Success Center's programs and resources focused on College Prep Transition and Community Outreach.

Access and Inclusion Resources

Read about what we resources and programming we provide promoting Access and Inclusion in the Rowan community.


Click here for forms and guidelines regarding registering for accommodations. This includes housing, food allergies, classroom, and temporary accommodations.

Medical Marijuana FAQ's

Medical Marijuana
Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Jersey’s medical marijuana law?

The "New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act” (CUMMA) allows the regulated use of medical marijuana in the State of New Jersey. It establishes a system for Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) to distribute marijuana to qualified patients.

Patients suffering from certain conditions (as defined in the Act) can obtain an ID/registration card by receiving a recommendation (not prescription) from a registered Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) physician with whom they have a “bona fide” relationship. This recommendation must then be presented, along with a registration fee, to the New Jersey Department of Health who will decide whether or not to issue an ID/registration card. The ID/registration card allows the user to purchase certain amounts of marijuana at ACTs. ID/registration cards must be renewed every two years. The Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act does not relieve the ACTs, employees of an ATC, and patients from criminal prosecution or civil penalties for activities not authorized by the Act.  Public consumption and impaired driving are still not permitted under the Act.

Additional information from the New Jersey Department of Health about the Medical Marijuana Program can be found here:

Can anyone obtain a medical marijuana ID/registration card?

No. Individuals who wish to use medical marijuana must have a recommendation from a qualified doctor and apply to the state. Only individuals who are approved will get an ID/registration card saying they are enrolled in the program.

Why does Rowan prohibit the use and/or possession of medical marijuana on its campuses?

Rowan is subject to the Controlled Substances Act, a federal law which classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug.  Accordingly, the use, possession, cultivation, or sale of marijuana violates federal policy. Importantly, federal grants are subject to Rowan’s compliance with the Drug Free Communities and Schools Act, and the Drug Free Workplace Act, which also prohibit the university from allowing any form of marijuana use on campus.

Thus, although students, staff, and faculty who legally obtain a medical marijuana ID/registration card from the New Jersey Department of Health are allowed to possess and consume certain quantities of marijuana, doing so is not permitted on Rowan’s property or at university-sponsored events (either on or off campus).

If I am a student, staff or faculty member at Rowan, should I contact anyone if I legally obtain a medical marijuana ID/registration card in New Jersey?

As noted above, the use and/or possession of medical marijuana on Rowan’s campuses is prohibited.  Therefore, any student, staff or faculty member who legally obtains a medical marijuana ID/registration card should contact the Academic Success Center – Disability Resources (students) or the Office of Equity and Diversity (staff/faculty) if s/he wishes to discuss any possible on-campus accommodations (excluding the ability to use or possess medical marijuana on Rowan property). 

What happens if I am a student, staff or faculty member at Rowan who has legally obtained a medical marijuana ID/registration card, and am caught using or possessing medical marijuana on Campus or during a Rowan-sponsored event?

For the reasons addressed above, Rowan does not condone the use, possession, distribution or sale of marijuana (including medical marijuana) on Rowan’s property or at university-sponsored events (either on or off campus).  Thus, anyone caught using or possessing marijuana on Campus or during a university-sponsored event – even if the individual has a legally obtained medical marijuana ID/registration card, and it is being used for medical purposes – will be subject to enforcement and adjudication in accordance with Rowan’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, the Student Code of Conduct, as well as any applicable local, State and Federal laws.  Accordingly, the use or possession of marijuana (including medical marijuana) on Rowan’s property or at university-sponsored events may result in, among other penalties, confiscation and destruction of the marijuana/marijuana paraphernalia, arrest, fines, loss of housing without refund, termination of employment, mandatory assignment to substance counseling, suspension and/or expulsion.