Shuttle Policy

Shuttle Policy

Rowan University Shuttle Policy

Rowan University requires students, faculty, and staff to show a valid Rowan ID to ride the shuttle.

  1. Riders will not be allowed to board the shuttle without a valid Rowan ID.
  2. Vouching for another rider is not permissible, and using someone else’s ID will be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
  3. All matters that may delay the shuttle should be reported to the Assistant Director of Business Operation and Services or a shuttle company representative.
  4. The shuttle will not wait for a rider who forgets his or her ID if a temporary pass is not issued in a timely manner. The rider will have to catch the next shuttle. To receive a temporary pass, please follow the steps listed below:
    • The shuttle driver connects a rider with the Assistant Director of Business Operation and Services or shuttle dispatcher.
    • The rider calls the Assistant Director of Business Operation and Services (856) 562-5189 or shuttle dispatcher number (856 227-7571.
    • To verify the rider’s status, the rider is asked to provide his/her ID number. Upon verification of rider’s status, permission is sent to the rider’s cell phone, which must be shown to the shuttle driver before boarding the shuttle.
    • If a rider misplaces or loses an ID, efforts should be made ahead of time to replace the lost ID or get a temporary pass.
    • The rider may also scan a copy of the University ID to his or her cell phone, as the ID verification process can take 5–10 minutes or longer.

Lost and Stolen items

A rider who has lost an item should contact the Assistant Director of Business Operation and Services at or call Lost and Found at 856-256-4922 option1, you may also visit the link below:  The University shuttle is not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen on any University-operated shuttles.

Inclement Weather and University Closings

The university shuttles will operate 60 minutes after classes have been cancelled unless directed otherwise by administration. For hazardous road conditions, street closings, or route changes, information is available during regular business hours on the app messaging system or through the university alert system.

General Information

The shuttle services prohibit the following acts on any University shuttle:

  • Refusal to show Rowan ID to the driver when asked or forcing oneself inside the shuttle without Rowan ID.
  • Carrying food or drinks aboard the shuttle.
  • Carrying aboard any items banned by the University.
  • Carrying aboard any article that may block any aisle, emergency exit, or stairway of the vehicle.
  • Bullying or harassing other students or the driver.
  • Fighting or engaging in any violent or threatening behavior.
  • Loud cell phone use.
  • Interfering with safe operation or movement of University shuttle or operator.
  • Boarding or exiting the shuttle except at established stops.
  • Making unnecessary noise or using profanity.
  • Using unmuted electronic devices without earphones. An exception exists for individual officers performing their official duties.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

Compliance with the University’s shuttle policy is required of each rider. Failure to comply with the policy may result in immediate removal from the shuttle and disciplinary action for non-compliance by the Office of Community Standards.