Conditional Admission

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Conditional Admission

Conditional Admissions (New First Time Students)

If you meet all the requirements for admission to Rowan except for an acceptable language test score, you may be offered Conditional Admission. In this case, you could take part in the English Language Program, which offers non-credit, face-to-face courses focusing on language skills, and upon completing the program successfully enter the university.

Conditional Admission is available to both undergraduate and graduate (masters coursework-only applicants only) students.  No TOEFL or IELTS score is required for Conditional Admission.

To apply for Conditional Admission, students must complete the following:

  1. Apply directly to university undergraduate or graduate admissions. Be sure to indicate on the application that you wish to be considered for Conditional Admission under the Additional Information Tab.
  2. If you meet all academic requirements EXCEPT THE LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TEST SCORE, you will receive a Conditional Admission letter from the University
  3. ​If you want to attend the English Language Program (ELP) at Rowan you will be referred to the ELP Admissions Representative, who will assist you with the application process to the ELP, including the I-20 process
  4. ​​You may also meet the language requirement by submitting an English Language Proficiency Test meeting the University's minimum score requirements 
  5. Once you successfully meet the English Language Proficiency requirement, you will enroll directly into your degree program of study
*All students have up to two years to successfully meet the English Language Proficiency requirement. 
*Students who cannot complete the ELP in the required time must re-apply to the university.