Alternative Course Experiences

Alternative Course Experiences

Alternative Course Experiences

Honors alternative course experiences are educational opportunities beyond the classroom that may replace one or more Honors courses. To be eligible to receive alternative course credit, students must apply in advance in order to have their applications reviewed by our Honors Faculty Advisory Board. At the culmination of an experience, students submit a reflection paper that addresses how it extended their Rowan academic experience and directly engaged with our Honors Student Learning Goals (SLGs).


Internships are invaluable opportunities to apply knowledge gained through coursework to experience in the workplace.  Honors students will need to outline why the proposed internship should be treated as equivalent of an Honors course by identifying and engaging with at least three Honors SLGs.

Research/Creative Work Assistantships

Honors students are encouraged to conduct research and engage in creative work that supplements their learning in the classroom. Research/Creative Work Assistantships help students develop mentor-mentee relationship with a faculty member; familiarize students with research/performance processes and prepare them for possible graduate school work; encourage students to produce a finished piece of writing, performance, or other creative work that could be presented at a professional meeting or published in a student or professional publication or in an exhibition; and assist students in meeting Honors requirements through independent research/creative work. This is a competitive process. Students who receive awards will be funded with $800 for the semester or $1,600 for the year, which covers stipends and materials.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) or Summer Fellowship

Students who have been accepted to an REU or have won an equivalent summer fellowship (e.g., DAAD Rise or Fulbright Summer Experience) are eligible for alternate course credit.

Senior Privilege

Rowan students in their senior year with a GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply to take graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rates (see the Undergraduate Senior Privilege Policy for more information).  Honors students can apply to have graduate-level courses count toward their course requirements.

Studying Abroad

There are many reasons why Honors students should take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. Experiencing life in other countries and cultures; developing foreign language skills; broadening worldviews; and making lifelong friends while earning college credit are just some of them. Many students use study abroad experiences to prepare for graduate school and future employment. Most importantly, the experience will be one that you will remember and value for the rest of your life. Additionally, Honors Students may be able to receive up to $500 to reimburse travel expenses. Plan for education abroad by contacting the Education Abroad office and consulting with academic advisors.