3 + 1 Program

3 + 1 Program

3+1 Program

For students accepted and enrolled in the 3+1 Program, for the first two years, financial aid will be managed by the student's community college, Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) or Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ). The third year is managed by Rowan University even though students will still be attending courses at the community college.

Tips for Junior Year Financial Aid

  1. When filling out your financial aid for junior year, list both Rowan University (002609) and the community college on the FAFSA: fafsa.ed.gov.

    • Rowan College at Burlington Country School Code: 007730   OR 

    • Rowan College of South Jersey School Code:  006901 

  2. When communicating with the Rowan University Office of Financial Aid, please be sure to include your Rowan University Banner ID number (916xxxxxx) and mention in your correspondence that you are a 3+1 student. This will help us help you!