Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Students using financial aid towards their study abroad program will work directly with our office. Be sure to meet with one of our counselors before submitting your Rowan Study Abroad application to the International Center to discuss your financial plan. If your financial aid package does not cover the entire cost of your program overseas, you may apply for additional loans to help fund your program. If you are not using financial aid or other loans, you are responsible to pay the balance to your partner organization by their specific deadline. 

What type of aid can I use for my study abroad program?

  • Federal Aid (grants and loans)
  • State Aid (For Exchange Programs Only)
  • Rowan Scholars Scholarships (For Exchange Programs Only)
  • Dependent Student Scholarships (For Exchange Programs Only)
  • Private Loans

NOTE: Eligibility for aid is dependent upon meeting minimum enrollment requirements. You can learn more about the minimum number of credits needed for each form of aid on our website. 

When should I begin the process?

We recommend you meet with a financial aid counselor as soon as you decide to study abroad. This initial meeting will review your potential funding for your study abroad program. Please make sure that you are in close communication with your counselor throughout the application process.

Schedule a Counseling Appointment

How do I complete the rest of the study abroad process?

Aside from working with our office to ensure you are set up for the financial aid component of your study abroad experience, please keep in contact with the International Center regarding the other important financial considerations for your program. 

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