Financial Aid &Scholarships

Financial Aid &Scholarships

Financial Aid Information


Students using financial aid towards their study abroad program will work directly with the Financial Aid office. Be sure to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor before you submit your Rowan Study Abroad application to discuss your financial plan. If your financial aid package does not cover the entire cost of your program overseas, you may apply for additional loans to help fund your program.If you are not using financial aid or other loans, you are responsible to pay the balance to your partner organization by their specific deadline. 

What can I use for my study abroad program?
  • Federal Aid
  • State Aid
  • Rowan Scholars (institutional aid, not Achieving the Dream)
  • Additional Loans

When should I begin the process?

When you first decide to study abroad it recommended that you speak with a counselor in the Financial Aid Office. This initial meeting will review your potential funding for your study abroad program. Please make sure that you are in close communication with your counselor throughout the application process.

Rowan Study Abroad Application & Financial Aid

When you begin your Rowan study abroad application you will have to complete a budget form with the Education Abroad Advisor. This budget form is an estimation of the costs of your entire program. You will need to bring your Budget Form to the Financial Aid Office for your second meeting to confirm your finances for your program abroad. 

Partner Organization Application & Financial Aid

You will need to indication on your Partner Organization’s application that you are using financial aid. Your application will include a form that will approximate your funding. You will take this form to the Financial Aid Counselor to complete it and send then you can upload it directly to your partner organization's application.  

                ISA Programs: this form is called the Verification of Award Form

                AIFS Programs: this form is called the Financial Aid Information Form

Financial Aid Office Process Step by Step

Step 1: Begin Rowan's study abroad application and indicate that you’re using Financial Aid

Step 2: Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to review your possible funding for your program

Step 3: Apply to your Partner Organization and indicate that you’re using Financial Aid

Step 4: Print your Verification of Award/Financial Aid Info Form and complete that with your Financial Aid Counselor.

Step 5: Pay for the remaining balance of your program by the partner organization’s deadline.


Loans: Loans will be processed on the actual number of credits to be earned. Loan programs available to students enrolled less than half time are Wells Fargo Education loan, Sallie Mae and others listed under Alternative loans at

Federal Aid: Students registering for 4.0 credits or less are not eligible to apply for federal loans awarded by Rowan University.  Calculation of costs and financial aid will be the same as a semester at Rowan University. Students will receive an email indicating the actual cost and loan amount available for Study Abroad.

For financial aid questions please call or make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor via Starfish/RSN. 

For information about national scholarships that support Study Abroad, see Rowan's International Opportunities website