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Have Your Certified Pet Join the Shreiber Family Pet Therapy Program!

Are you interested in Volunteering as a dog-handler pair? Here's a few things to keep in mind:

  • Certification/Registration Prerequisite: Shreiber Family Pet Therapy does not certify or register therapy dogs. We schedule therapy dog visits for our approved, certified dog-handler pairs that meet our criteria. All dog-handler pairs must first be certified/registered/current through one of the approved national pet therapy/therapy dog certifying/registry organizations that have an MOU and/or Affiliation agreement with Rowan University. (Documentation of active status required)
    • Current approved registries include: Alliance of Therapy Dogs, (others in progress)

Once pre-requisite steps are reviewed, prospective volunteers move on the next steps, including:

  1. Apply to volunteer: Fill out Application through Google Forms:

  2. Submit supporting documents: Please email pictures/PDF's or of the following documents to: pich@rowan.edu:
    • Therapy Animal Certifying Organization ID card
    • Copy of therapy animal certifying organization insurance coverage
    • Copy of you driver's licence or state-issued ID
    • Proof of rabies vaccination & annual vet exam requirements
    • Initialed & signed "Terms & Conditions" document
      These can also be submitted in person by appointment or by U.S. mail to: Michele Pich | Winans Hall/Wellness Center | Rowan University | 201 Mullica Hill Road Glassboro, NJ, 08028
  3. 1st Interview: Shreiber Pet Therapy staff interview with hander without animal (review rules/ policies, answer questions, clarify Application answers if needed). Before or during this interview, perspective handler must initial each section, and print and sign their name with the date confirming that they agree to abide by all rules set-forth at all times that they are on-campus or involved in a Shreiber Family Pet therapy visits.
  4. 2nd Interview: Shreiber Pet therapy staff must meet handler with animal at Rowan University (Glassboro campus). This will include initial behavioral assessment of animal, and of handler-animal interaction. 
  5. Background check & HR Trainings: Handler must complete all steps to become an official Rowan Affiliate (including all required HR policies, trainings, procedures, TruView Background check, and obtaining a Rowan ID) and carry Rowan ID during all therapy animal visits. Requirements includeClery ACT CSA required training, HIPAA training, (and Neurodiversity/ Autism Spectrum Training once developed in Spring 2020)
  6. Shadow: Handler will shadow Pet Therapy staff on pet therapy visit (without own animal). This will also include a tour of the Shreiber Pet Therapy Center, and details for accessing the privileges associated with being a volunteer in the Shreiber Family Pet Therapy.
  7. Observation: Visit with therapy animal must be observed 1st time by Shreiber Family Pet Therapy staff on Rowan pet therapy visit or a scheduled visit with student volunteers (and observed by Shreiber Pet Therapy staff). Feedback will be given to handler after visit.

If all goes well with each of the above steps, you and your therapy animal may be officially accepted into the Shreiber Family Pet Therapy Program. Congratulations! At this point, you will:

  • ID Card: Obtain Rowan University Affiliate identification card once you are given your Banner ID# (to be worn visible at all times during a Shreiber Pet Therapy event) 
  • Leash & Bandana: Receive the official Shrieber Family Pet Therapy approved 4-ft leash and bandana, to be worn on dog at all Shreiber Family Pet Therapy events
  • Visit: Start pet therapy visits (all scheduled visits on Rowan's campuses or through Rowan affiliations must be submitted and approved by pet therapy staff prior to event).