Health in Black History

Health in Black History

Health in Black History

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Black History Month is a powerful opportunity for us as a Wellness Center to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of vital African American pioneers in healthcare. As we remember their experiences, and appreciate the diversity and richness of their labor, we invite the Rowan community to visit the below link throughout the month of February, as we observe and pay tribute to pioneers in healthcare.


We also encourage the Rowan community to visit the Wellness Center homepage to meet and learn more about our African American and Black clinicians who are also making great strides and contributions in the field of healthcare.   



Contributions: Her work with children showed that African American children became aware of their racial identity at about three years old. Many of these children began to see reflect and internalize the views that society held about them. She also found that many African American children who were tested and informed they had a learning disability or disabled were diagnosed incorrectly due to biased psychological testing.




 Dr Canady

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