Community Members Who Care

  • Rowan University Thrive - A community of Care

Community Members Who Care

University Well-Being Committee

Bill Freind - Senate President/Faculty, Department of English
Dr. Rory McElwee - Vice President, Student Affairs/Faculty, Department of Psychology




Rowan Thrive Sub-Committee

Sub-Committee Chair:

  • Kevin George - Director of Campus Recreation


  • Brittany Auleta - Coordinator, Healthy Campus Initiatives
  • Amanda Coltri - Digital Strategist, Strategic Planning & Management
  • Dr. Amy Hoch - Associate Director of the Wellness Center
  • Katie Huber - Assistant Director of Fitness/Wellness, Campus Recreation
  • Lindsay Johnson - Licensed Professional Counselor & Outreach Coordinator, Wellness Center
  • Charlie Kuski - Coordinator, Orientation & Student Leadership Programs
  • Allie Pearce - Assistant Director of Healthy Campus Initiatives
  • Melissa Ulmer - Assistant Director, Marketing & Student Programs, Student Center & Campus Activities


  • Dr. Rory McElwee - Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dr. Penny Mcpherson-Myers - Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Academic Integration Sub-Committee

Sub-Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Tom Dinzeo - Faculty, Department of Psychology
  • Kevin George - Director of Campus Recreation


  • Nikki Colasanti - Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
  • Dawn Singleton - Senior Director of Student Success and Inclusion Programs
  • Beth Rey - Associate Director, University Advising Center


Employee Well-Being Sub-Committee

Sub-Committee Chair:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Greeson - Faculty, Department of Psychology


  • Stacey Cahn - Assistant Director, Integrated Behavioral Health
  • Amanda Coltri - Digital Strategist, Strategic Planning & Management
  • Michael DiSanto - Department Chair, Surgery/Faculty, Biomedical Sciences CMSRU
  • Mandi Dorrell - Faculty, Writing Arts/Club Advisor, Active Minds Club
  • Talia Musero - Senior Academic Advisor, OASIS, Rowan Global
  • Steve Robishaw - Manager, Office of Proposal Development
  • Beth Sosnoski - Coordinator, Military Services


Promoting Resources Sub-Committee

Sub-Committee Chairs:

  • Maeve McKinney - Graduate Coordinator, Intramural Sports and Special Events
  • Kelly Tallarida - Customer Service Coordinator, Strategic Enrollment Management


  • Nikki Colasanti - Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
  • Dr. Kha' Sadler - Assistant Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
  • John Woodruff - Director, Disability Resources/Military Services


Post-Pandemic Sub-Committee

Sub-Committee Chair:

  • Matt Beck - Student, SGA President, 2021-2022
  • Hannah Moore - Associate Director, Living-Learning & Leadership Initiatives


  • Bonnie Angelone - Director, Faculty Center/Faculty, Department of Psychology
  • Kristen DiNovi - Assistant Dean, Honors College
  • Erin Hannah - Associate Director, Student Support Services
  • Alicia Monroe - Assistant Director, Office of Career Advancement
  • William Samalonis - Student
  • Jillian Threadgill - Coordinator, Clinical Services, Wellness Center


Members at Large

  • Kenold Gosier - Graduate Student, Residential Learning and University Housing
  • Kevin Koett - Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students
  • Kathy Lambert - Assistant Dean, Student Affairs RowanSOM
  • Emily Lowe - Student, SGA AVP, Student Affairs, 2021-2022
  • Beckett McElwee - Student, Club Vice President, Exercise is Medicine Club
  • Kevin Rice - Student, Club Treasurer, Exercise is Medicine Club