Handicapped Parking

Handicapped Parking

Regulations for Handicapped Parking

 Parking in a Handicapped Space for   "Just a Minute..."
 ...is 60 seconds too long!


Use of handicapped spaces requires the proper display of a valid, state issued permit. Handicapped license plates or a placard are required.

NEVER park in a space reserved for people with disabilities UNLESS you have a permit, placard or handicapped parking plates. It's  the law.

REMEMBER: Do not park in the striped access aisles next to spaces reserved for people with disabilities even if you have a permit or plates. Access aisles provide room for wheelchair users to transfer safely to and from their vehicles.


New Jersey Handicapped Parking Laws

On November 29, 1989, Governor Thomas Kean signed two handicapped parking laws. New Jersey's handicapped parking laws have sought to alleviate the parking problems that have plagued individuals with disabilities. Listed below are some of the significant provisions of these laws:

  • Enables state, county and municipal law enforcement officers or parking enforcement officers to enforce the parking restrictions on appropriately marked handicapped spaces on both public and private property.
  • Mandates a $250 fine for the first offense of parking a motor vehicle in a restricted handicapped parking space without a special vehicle identification card and, for subsequent offenses, a fine of at least $250 and up to 90 days of community service.
  • Authorizes eligible individuals with disabilities to request a law enforcement officer to arrange for the removal of a motor vehicle that is parked unlawfully in a handicapped parking space or zone.


The Application Process

If you attend Rowan University and are physically disabled and do not already have handicapped parking privileges in New Jersey, you may obtain a handicapped parking placard by:

We want to emphasize that handicapped laws in the state of New Jersey are being enforced on both public and private property. So the next time you think of parking in a reserved space you are not entitled to, even if its "only for a minute," --DON'T. Handicapped spaces are NOT drop off and pickup areas, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Persons parking in a designated handicapped parking space on University grounds must also have a valid Rowan University parking permit or visitor parking pass.