Freshman/Sophomore Residents

Freshman/Sophomore Residents

Freshman /  Sophomore Residents

Under special circumstances, residential freshman and sophomore students are able to purchase a parking permit.  If your needs  are for employment or medical reasons a parking permit will be considered only if the following guidelines are met.

NOTE: Documentation will not be accepted until mid-July 2019.


1.Complete and sign the Freshman/Sophomore Affidavit, 

2. Supply other required documentation as outlined below.

Scan or email the required documentation to or submitted in-person at the Parking office. You will need to know your vehicle information (license plate #, state of the license plate, make, model, year, color).

Freshman and Sophomore residents can purchase the permit by semester only. Depending on where you will be residing on campus determines the permit type you will be approved to purchase or it is at the discretion of the Parking Administrator to assign a permit type to purchase due to parking availability.

Once all of your documentation is complete and on file in the Parking office, you will be advised of the permit type to order and your permit application will be approved.

Freshman/Sophomore Resident with an Off-Campus Job:

If you are a freshman or sophomore resident with an off-campus job (non-student workers) that requires your vehicle on campus, you will need to submit the proper documentation for approval:

  • A signed letter from your employer on the employer’s letterhead verifying your employment which requires your vehicle for transportation.
  • Two recent pay stubs. You must also be able to submit company pay stub’s within a week of the following dates to avoid termination of parking privileges. Pay stubs should be dated within the month they are due.

         October 25th / November 22nd / February 28th / March 27th

Freshman/Sophomore Resident with a Medical Reason:

If you are a freshman or sophomore resident with a medical reason that requires your vehicle on campus, you will need to submit the proper documentation for approval:

  • A letter from your doctor on office letterhead or script stating that parking needs are required for medical reasons.  A new note on office letterhead or script will be needed for the Spring semester as well.
  • If you are residing in Holly Pointe and require special parking accommodations due to a medical need to park in the Holly Ponte lot (lot X), you will need to request permission from John Woodruff, Director/Academic Success Center and Disability at 856-256-4234 or If approved, the Parking office will be informed and this permit type can only be approved and issued out in person at the Parking office. In other words, the Holly Pointe permit type cannot be ordered online.

The Parking office cannot accept cash. Check, money order, or major credit/debit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) are an acceptable means of payment.

You are responsible for reading and familiarizing yourself with the Parking Rules and Regulations to determine where you can park with your permit type. Also, you can refer to the Glassboro Campus Map tab to locate the location of the campus lots and garages.

Any additional questions, contact the Parking office at 856-256-4575 or email