Tips for New Commuters

Tips for New Commuters

Top Ten Things We Wish We Knew When We Started

We asked some current and former commuter students "What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?"  We took those answers and condensed them into this top ten list of tips for new commuter students at Rowan!
  1. Giving yourself time means giving yourself peace of mind
    Showing up early means you won’t be up against the clock battling traffic, looking for a parking spot, or sprinting to class at the last second.  Coming to campus early means you aren’t stressing yourself out unnecessarily.  You’ll be able to more easily find a parking spot, and more conveniently get to class

  2. Know more than one route to campus
    Knowing alternative routes to and from campus is essential to help avoid being late to class when unexpected situations arise such as traffic, road closings, construction zones, & inclement weather conditions.

  3. Maximize your free time
    Having extra time on-campus is bound to happen--you’re almost guaranteed to have a break between classes where you don’t have enough time to go home but don’t need to do anything in the meantime.  Use that free time to study in the library or in the student center, get involved with some student organizations, or attend events around campus.

  4. Exchange contact information with at least one person in each class
    Making connections in class is crucial for everyone.  Classmates can help alert you when a class is canceled or take notes for you if you are unable to attend.  Your fellow students can be your best connections throughout your college experience--start early!

  5. Get involved in activities and organizations
    Campus isn’t just for class!  Rowan has a ton of things to offer students on campus.  Student organizations are a great way to start your involvement on campus.  You can find all our student organizations, honor societies, club sports teams, and Greek-letter organizations on ProfLink.  Additionally, ProfJobs has a listing of available paid campus jobs to get some valuable experience.

  6. Sign-up for a commuter meal plan
    Meal plans can come in handy if you need to grab lunch or even a quick coffee break. It also allows you to save money rather than using cash in the dining areas.  There are meals-per-week options if you’re looking to regularly use dining services, or block meal plans if it’s something you want to have only a few times a week.  Gourmet Dining has all the information online.

  7. Carry extra cash
    Students mostly use their RowanCard, credit cards, or payment apps for most things, but it might help to have some extra cash in your wallet or car in case you’re in a tight spot.

  8. Keep an emergency kit in your car
    Having some “just in case” emergency items in your car can go a long way to keeping you safe if the situation arises.  Consider packing some of these in your car: jumper cables, a flashlight, a small tool kit or multi-tool pocket knife, a blanket, rain poncho, umbrella, ice scraper, and an extra battery for your phone.  Additionally, it might be worth signing up for a roadside assistance service like AAA.

  9. Don't forget your phone & have a charger for your car
    Almost goes without saying!  Keeping your phone charged means you can call for help in an emergency.  Make sure you add Rowan’s Public Safety Emergency Dispatch number into your phone (856-256-4911) and don’t hesitate to call if you find yourself in a bad situation.

  10. Sign up for the Rowan Emergency Alert System
    Once you sign up for it, the Rowan Emergency Alert System will text you with emergency campus updates.  Commonly these include parking lot closures & inclement weather class cancellations, but can also include crimes that happen around campus.  Ass your number so you can stay informed about what’s going on.