Jeanne Jaffe: Elegy for Tesla

  • Jeanne Jaffe: Elegy for Tesla

Jeanne Jaffe: Elegy for Tesla

Elegy for Tesla

On display from September 13, 2015 - January 30, 2016.

Elegy for Tesla was an interactive multi-media installation by artist Jeanne Jaffe. The integration of technology with sculpture, evocative soundscapes, and theatrical sets created a psychological dreamscape and biographical narrative inspired by the life of the visionary inventor Nikola Tesla. 

The choice of Tesla as a subject was driven by his prophetic and farsighted concepts and historic contributions to AC current and wireless communications technologies without which our current digital world would not have been possible. Tesla’s life follows a mythological and psychological trajectory, which Jaffe explores in this installation.

Elegy for Tesla catalog.

Video walkthrough of Elegy for Tesla installation.