Dread Scott: A Sharp Divide

  • Dread Scott: A Sharp Divide

Dread Scott: A Sharp Divide

Dread Scott: A Sharp Divide

On display from September 1 - November 5, 2016.

A Sharp Divide was a survey of Dread Scott’s public engagement, performance, and multi media based work completed from 1987 – 2014 that tackle the racial and cultural disparities that exist within our criminal justice system such as: the criminalization of youth, profiling and discrimination, the school to prison pipeline, stop and frisk tactics, and other civil rights issues. The selected works were presented in the gallery as video, photography, recordings, and audience interactions. 

As an activist artist Scott’s work is intentional and pointed. The protagonist, which might be at times the artist himself, confront the viewer through body posture, eye contact and dialog. Stills and video images are tightly framed, monochromatic, and devoid of any discernible background, creating a tension that contributes to an already highly charged atmosphere. 

Addressing this divide head on both in the use of language and imagery is the foundation of his practice and necessary in order to encourage dialog, action, and change.

Dread Scott: A Sharp Divide catalog.

Installation photography by Jack Ramsdale courtesy of Rowan University Art Gallery.