Homecoming '21

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Campaign Volunteer Fair

On October 16, RIPPAC hosted the Campaign Volunteer Fair. Representatives from political campaigns across the region gathered at Rowan University to recruit volunteers to work the critical last few weeks of the campaigns. 

 Students gather to volunteer at Campaign Volunteer Fair  Students listen to campaign representative at campaign fair  Learning about volunteering  

 Volunteering to make a difference campaign volunteers



Admissions Fair

 Dr. Dworkin and several RIPPAC student volunteers attended the Admissions Fair on campus greeting potential Rowan Profs and telling them all about the Rowan Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship. Here are some photos from the event.

 Dr. Dworkin with RIPPAC students at Admissions Fair  Students have a laugh at RIPPAC table at Admissions Fair

 Talking about RIPPAC at Admissions Fair  RIPPAC student volunteers at Admissions Fair





Volunteers at Campaign Fair

Political Campaign Volunteer Fair 2018


On Friday, Octorber 5, 2018, RIPPAC hosted our first Political Campaign Volunteer fair.  Representatives from campaigns across the region came to campus to tell students about their campaigns and give them the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer. We had a great turn out, and expect to be able to offer the same opportunity again for the next round of elections. The event was a success for the campaigns, the students, and for RIPPAC. This is an event that will be repeated.

Campaign Reps at Volunteer Fair Students clown around at Campaign Volunteer Fair Student signing up to volunteer

Student getting information at Campaign Volunteer Fair Volunteers at Campaign Fair Students chat with campaign rep