Alcohol-Wise, Consent & Respect, and Other Drugs

Alcohol-Wise, Consent & Respect, and Other Drugs

Alcohol-Wise and Consent & Respect

As a freshman, you are REQUIRED to complete the online Alcohol-Wise and Consent & Respect online modules before attending classes. You need a passing grade of 70% or better for Phase 1.

Access the Online Modules

The Alcohol-Wise and Consent & Respect courses takes approximately 2 hours to complete and the follow-up takes about 15 minutes. You will receive an email in 30 days reminding you to complete the follow-up. Print out a copy of your completion certificate for your records after completing both the course and the follow-up. See below for module due dates.

These courses are confidential and your individual student responses are not reported. Contact the Wellness Center at or call (856) 256-4333 with any questions.