Inclusive Rec

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Inclusive Rec

Inclusive Recreation

We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all participants. Our staff is available to provide assistance if necessary. We encourage you to email if you have any special requests or would like a tour before your visit.

Inclusive Facilities

All gender bathrooms are located in both facilities. At the Recreation Center they are located to the left once you enter the basketball courts. At the Fitness Center they are located in the hallway before the locker rooms. The Fitness Center all gender bathroom also includes a shower. Bathroom doors can be locked.

Locker rooms in both facilities are equipped with ADA compliant lockers and showers.

The Rec Center pool has both a chairlift and accessible pool stairs. Please see the lifeguard on duty for assistance.

Both facilities have automatic door entries and the Rec Center has an elevator for access to all levels of the facility.


Adaptable Fitness Equipment

Recreation Center: 

Equipment Location
Adjustable Cable Pulley (hi-lo) 2nd Floor, near treadmills
Cable Crossover 2nd Floor, near treadmills
Squat Rack

2nd Floor in the Free Weight Room, facing free weight room to the right

Smith Machine

2nd Floor in the Free Weight Room, facing free weight room to the left, end of room

Functional Training Space

2nd Floor, Functional Training Room near track

SCIFIT Recumbent Bike

2nd Floor, near selectorized machines

Second machine out the elevator to the left

Fitness Center on Victoria St.: 

Equipment Location
 Adjustable Cable Pully (hi-lo) (8)  

Free Weight Room

Near Selectorized Equipment

Jungle Gym, next to treadmills

 Cable Crossover Jungle Gym (Cable System) area
 Pulldown Cable Jungle Gym (Cable System) area
 Squat Racks (3)  Free Weight Room
 Smith Machine  

Free Weight Room, up the ramp to the left, at the end of free weight room

SCIFIT Recumbent Bike  

Queenax Area, between the expresso cycling machine and EFX crossramp

 Rope Trainer  

Queenax Area, between rowing machines and open space

 TRX system  

Queenax Area, next to open space

 Cable Column  

Queenax Area, in front of open space area, next to TRX system

 Functional Training Space  

Queenax area, next to TRX system

Selectorized area, near cubbies


Gender Inclusive Policies

Individuals are invited to participate in Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs in accordance with their gender identity. 

In competition, Sport Clubs are required to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the national governing bodies for their sport.  For more information, contact Drew D'Elia at