Emergency Action Guide

Emergency Action Guide

General Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency such as fire, explosion, hazardous materials/waste spill or leak, or personal injury accident, call 911 and do the following:

  1. Tell the operator your name and the telephone number from which you are calling.
  2. Describe the location of the emergency.
  3. Describe the situation (i.e. smell of smoke, fire, chemicals).
  4. If possible, describe what is burning (i.e. wastebasket, fume hood) or what has spilled (i.e. acid, solvents).
  5. Hang up the phone only after the emergency operator has done so, if you are not in great personal danger.
  6. Tell the operator where you are going and/or how you can be reached.

If the emergency cannot be immediately contained:

  1. Initiate a fire alarm by activating the nearest Fire Alarm Box to start a building evacuation.
  2. Close the door of the room(s) involved on your way out of the room.
  3. If possible, shut off all utilities into the room, but don’t waste time attempting to do so.