Communication Protocol

Communication Protocol

Emergency Response Team and Communication Protocol

In the event of an emergency, when 911 is called, Rowan police or security officers will be the first to arrive on the scene. Once the officer assess the situation, he or she will notify Rowan's dispatcher who will then notify the Director and other needed personnel. The Director, in turn, will notify the President's Office, which will begin relaying information to a team of responders and to the University community.

There are situations that the Director of Public Safety will have the discretion to contact the University community without consulting the President or the Emergency Response Team. The public's safety is the single most important determining factor in influencing which communication protocol is chosen.

Communication during an emergency

Always call 911 if you are involved in or are witnessing an emergency. If the situation deems it necessary, Rowan University will update the university community via:

  • Text-Message Alert System
  • Email
  • Voicemail
  • Rowan's homepage (
  • Media (radio, television and newspapers)
  • Group meetings
  • Social Media