Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission

Engage and educate the Rowan community on prevention, identification, and reporting of all matters of discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence by developing, implementing, and monitoring appropriate policies, procedures, and practices designed to ensure compliance requiring the prompt, thorough, and equitable resolution of all complaints.

Our Vision

A campus committed to an educational environment free from discrimination, harassment, and all forms of gender-based violence. 

Core Values

1. Excellence 

We strive to provide and deliver the highest quality of innovative and preventative educational programs.

2. Engagement/Collaboration

We embrace the commitment to working together with our campus community as we endeavor to achieve our common goal.

3. Inclusivity

We are committed to develop and foster a sustainable environment of inclusivity which lends itself to feedback and continuous process improvement.

4. Respect

We are committed to an environment that welcomes, appreciates and accepts diverse ideas, opinions and cultural backgrounds that enriches the educational experience.

5. Wellness

We aim to contribute to the process of achieving a healthy campus experience that promotes physical and emotional well-being.