Continuing Student Room Selection Process

Continuing Student Room Selection Process

Continuing Student Room Selection Process

The Continuing Student Room Selection Process consists of 3 steps:

Complete the Housing Application  There is no deadline to complete the application however, to participate in Roommate Matching, you must apply by Monday, March 14th @11:59pm.

Roommate Matching – students who have completed the application by the deadline will be instructed to complete their roommate selections via MyHousing between March 16th and March 23rd at 11:59 pm. No roommate matches or changes can be made after March 23rd at 11:59 pm. Please remember students must mutually match each other in order to go through room selection together.

  • Gender inclusive housing options are available!  Please make sure you check out for more information on gender inclusive housing!
  • If you are planning on mutually matching with individuals who have a different gender than you, all group members must ensure that question #22 on the housing application states “yes”. This confirms that you agree to live in a gender-inclusive housing option for Fall 2022/Spring 2023. If all group members do not have this answer as “yes” you will not be permitted to select together during room selection.

Room Selection begins the week of March 31st

  • ADA Room Selection (for students who need in-person appointments):Thursday, March 31st – Monday, April 4th. Students with ADA accommodations who are able to select on their own online will be assigned  appointment times during the appropriate round based on their class standing and roommate group membership.
  • Honors Room SelectionWednesday, April 6th
  • Degree in 3: Friday, April 8th
  • Mutually Matched Groups of 6 and 8 Selection: Tuesday, April 12th Only fully matched groups of 6 as well as fully matched groups of 8 will have the opportunity to select 6 person and 8 person apartments (respectively) in Nexus Properties.  If your group chooses to not select on this date, or if no apartments are left to accommodate your group, you and your group members will receive a new date/time to select housing during the senior, junior, sophomore rounds (as appropriate) based on the makeup of your group.  
  • Graduate and Senior Round: Thursday, April 14th 
  • Junior Round: Friday, April 15th – Monday, April 18th
  • Sophomore Round: Wednesday, April 20th – Monday, April 25th
  • Makeup Round: Wednesday, April 27th

Failure to select a room on the day you are assigned will result in you selecting a room during a makeup round which is scheduled to take place after all rounds of room selection are completed, if space permits.  If all rooms have been assigned and you are not able to participate in the makeup day, you will remain on the housing waitlist and will be provided a housing assignment over the summer.

New incoming Transfer students admitted for fall 2022 unfortunately are not permitted to participate in this room selection process. They will select their housing assignment via an online process in June.