• Meet the Staff


Meet the Staff

Meet the staff of the Office of Employee Equity now located in Oak Hall.



Christy Mroz, Administrative Assistant

Christy Mroz joined Rowan University after enjoying a long career as a Legal Secretary and providing administrative support to lead attorneys and staff. Her experience in the legal field and exceptional customer service skills enables her to serve as the entry point to the Office of Employee Equity. Employees in need of assistance on matters concerning EEO and ADA Accommodations can reach out to her for an appointment with our professional staff. Christy is also the contact point for Search Committee Members who must complete the required Search Committee Training for certification.


Henry Oh, Interim Assistant Vice President For Employee Equity and Labor Relations

Henry joined Rowan University after years of experience as an attorney, with extensive work in both public and private sector matters, especially in employment related areas.  He heads the Office of Employee Equity and in this role, he serves a lead role in both the strategic and operational areas of this department.  He and this office serve Rowan with respect to employee-related equity and workplace related functions, including investigating and mediating charges of discrimination, harassment, and disruptive workplace behaviors.  Further, he and his office oversee requests and inquiries regarding employment-related workplace accommodation as well as equitable job search practices.  He encourages any and all employees, as well as department management representatives, to contact his office with respect to any of these areas.


Contact Information:

For initial inquiries into any of the areas served by the Office of Employee Equity, please contact Ms. Mroz.  Alternatively, you can also send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:

Christy Mroz
Administrative Assistant

Henry Oh
Interim Assistant Vice President For Employee Equity and Labor Relations