Center for Academic Innovation

Center for Academic Innovation

Center for Academic Innovation


The Center for Academic Innovation will expand the University's portfolio of in-demand credentials by serving as a portal for academic initiatives originating from community college partners, business and industry, advisory boards, and community organizations as well as our colleges, schools, departments, and faculty. The Center identifies priorities, coordinates development and approval processes, and facilitates partnerships.

A primary focus of the Center is to engage internal and external stakeholders in the creation of educational experiences to prepare students for successful careers, meaningful lives, and continuous learning. Business and community outreach, pathway building, curriculum design, marketing, recruitment, program delivery, and assessment are brought together in the development process from idea to launch. The Center mobilizes the competitive advantages of the University as a premium provider of academic credentials and leverages these advantages to deliver learning opportunities to new populations and next generations of students.



The Center for Academic Innovation Advisory Council is comprised of faculty and administrative leadership across the institution and will review curricular initiatives and prospects; provide input; support development processes; facilitate collaboration and change management.



Through the Center for Academic Innovation, program ideation, demand analysis, program delivery, and assessment are brought together in the development process from ideation to launch. Program sponsors are asked to submit preliminary proposals for all non-credit and credit-bearing credentials, pathways, articulations, and agreements with external stakeholders to the Center for Academic Innovation Portal. For more information, please contact:


The Center for Academic Innovation through all of its activities will embrace a collaborative approach in the development of new credentials. Seeking to drive regional economic development through diverse program options for learners and working professionals with a growth mindset, the Center seeks to fill an existing gap in the provision of high quality, accessible, and affordable programs of professional study and career innovation in the region. For this reason, the Center will engage faculty, students, staff, and external stakeholders of the University to initiate program development and implementation. The Center partners with the University colleges to leverage expertise and resources as well as external institutions of higher education and regional non-profit, industry, government and business partners.