Qualifying for Benefits

To qualify for veterans' benefits, you must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program. If you are entering Rowan University for the first time and believe you are eligible for veterans' educational assistance, schedule an appointment with Military Services. The office has both day and evening hours to ensure access to all veteran students seeking information and assistance. 


Receiving of Benefits

In order to recieve benefits every semester, students are required to fill out the google link forms with military service. This should be done as soon as you register for classes to ensure you receive your benefits in a timely matter.  This link will be sent to you in our weekly office updates.

** New students please also make sure to provide the office with a copy of your Certificate of Elibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Military Services is going to be your point of contact on campus for any questions/concerns regarding your benefits.


Change in Status

When your status changes, it could affect your benefits:

  • Failing classes
  • dropping orwithdrawal from a course
  • stop attending or failure to attend
  • Adding a course 

All risk the proper payment of your benefits. If you are using GI Bill benefits,you  must  report any course changes during the term, to keep their file updated, and to avoid any unnecessary overpayment of benefits which  could result in a debt to the VA or Rowan as a result.

We ask that you e-mail us at with any of these changes. We will respond that the change was receieved. Please take note that if that benefit was paid our prior that a overpayment may still be reflected.