University Relations

University Relations

Division of University Relations

A Welcome Message From Dr. Jose Cardona,
Vice President of University Relations

This is an exciting time on college campuses across America and at Rowan University the mood is so electric you can practically feel it in the halls and taste it in the air. It's the smell of success and the sweet anticipation of more to come!

At University Relations, we work to communicate that excitement in print, in person and online. The first line of communication with the public, we include the departments:

Over the last few years Rowan experienced unprecedented development – we opened Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, were designated the second comprehensive public research university in the state, and we made great progress on Rowan Boulevard, a $300 million public/private/public partnership that is redefining both the borough and the University. In 2013 we incorporated the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford into Rowan (now called Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine, or RowanSOM) and became just the second university in the nation to offer both M.D. and D.O. medical degrees. We're also partnering with Rutgers-Camden to develop an all-new College of Health Sciences.

In the coming months and years Rowan will continue to develop in historic and diverse directions and University Relations will report on these developments every step along the way.