Tutoring Appointment Cancellation Expectations

Tutoring Appointment Cancellation Expectations

Tutoring Appointment Cancellation Expectations

  • Students are expected to honor all scheduled appointments, except in times of an emergency.
  • Students with tutoring appointments have 20 minutes to arrive for their intended appointment or will be considered a "no show."
  • Students are expected to cancel their appointment in RSN (Starfish) at LEAST 1 hour prior to the start of their session if they are no longer able to attend. See instructions below for how to cancel an appointment.
  • If a student has 3 no shows and/or 3 late cancellations (made within one hour of the appointment time) over the course of a semester he/she will be restricted from using the Tutoring Center services.

Cancel or Change a Tutoring Appointment

Log in to your Rowan Success Network account at www.rowan.edu/rsn.

Once logged in, click  on the top left of the screen. From the dropdown menu, click on Upcoming. From the Upcoming page,  find the appointment you wish to cancel and click the … symbol.

Enter a brief description about why you're canceling the appointment, then click Cancel.

ONE HOUR of notice is required to cancel or change an appointment.

Please note that tutoring priviliges may be suspended as a result of multiple absences or late cancellations.