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Popular Social Media Platforms

  1. Facebook – an online social utility that connects people and organizations with friends and others who work, study, live and engage around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, share links, photos and videos, and to learn more about people and organizations.

  2. Twitter – a real-time, micro-blogging and social utility service that allows users to send a read messages known as “tweets,” which are text-based posts containing no more than 140 characters. People use Twitter to share and view links, consume news and personal statuses and tap into larger, aggregated conversations by using hashtags.

  3. Instagram – a media sharing network owned by Facebook that allows users to upload photos and videos taken with a mobile device, apply special filters and share with their friends. These photos can remain private to an approved network of followers, or shared publicly throughout multiple other popular social networks.

  4. YouTube – a video sharing website and the Internet’s second most popular search engine. Users can view, upload and share videos, subscribe to users' channels and comment on other users' videos.

  5. LinkedIn – a business-oriented online social utility that allows users to strengthen and extend their existing network of trusted professional contacts. People use LinkedIn to stay in touch with contacts and informed about their industry.

  6. Pinterest – a photo sharing website that allows users to “pin,” or bookmark, images they find interesting from around the web to categorized “boards” on their profiles. People use Pinterest to find and remember ideas related to their interests.

  7. Google+ – an integrated social platform that merges with other Google services including YouTube, Gmail and Google Search. Users can network with one another via “Circles,” or specific communities, and engage in conversations via comments or +1s.

  8. Flickr – a photo sharing website on which users can view, upload and share photos. This is a popular place for storing photos that link to blogs and other social platforms.

  9. SnapChat - a mobile messaging application that allows users to take photos or videos, add captions or doodles and send it to their friends. Friends can view "Snaps" for up to 10 seconds before it disappears, or for up to 24 hours if the Snap is added to a user's "Story."

  10. YikYak - a social media smartphone application that allows users to share anonymous thoughts ("Yaks") with those within a five-mile radius. Users within proximity have the ability to contribute to the stream by writing, responding and "voting up" or  "voting down" Yaks.

  11. Blog – an online site short for “web log.” It allows an individual or group to share a running log of personal insights, events, news and other topics of interest.

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