Our Core Initiatives

A resource to the wider Rowan University community, the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution develops and implements educational activities, services, and programs geared at providing opportunities for personal, social, professional, and academic identity development. 

Office-Wide Programmatic Offerings

SJICR Kick-Off & Cultural Org. Fair
This Welcome Week event kicks off the start of the fall semester welcoming new and returning Rowan University students, faculty and staff. This event will also be an opportunity to educate members of the University community of the office’s mission as well as our programmatic offerings for the semester.

Social Justice and Inclusion Workshops and Trainings
The SJICR offers workshops and trainings to the Rowan community on various social justice topics related to issues of ability, race, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc. While only a predetermined selection of workshops and trainings are offered each semester, the office has a list of topics that offices, faculty, Resident Assistant, or Resident Directors and request be facilitated for their respective constituents.

Multicultural Student Retreat
Inaugurated in the spring of 2014 by the Harley Flack Student Mentoring program in collaboration with EOF/MAP and the then Office of Multicultural Affair, the annual Multicultural Men’s Retreat offers a diverse group of men space to discuss and define successful manhood. Students also develop a plan for acting as leaders who are successful in their personal, academic, and professional lives. Starting in the spring of 2016 an annual Multicultural Women’s Retreat will offer a diverse group of women space to discuss and define what it means to be successful as women. Students also develop a plan for acting as leaders who are successful in their personal, academic, and professional lives.

Affiliated Student Organizations Advising and Support
SJICR professional staff members will provide general advising and support mandatory meetings held in October, January, and March to a list of student organization whose mission is affiliated with that of the Office to ensure that these organizations are healthy, productive, and fostering collaborations.

SJICR Student Organization Retreat
During these retreats held at the at the beginning and end of the academic year, current and future E-Board Members of student organizations whose mission is closely aligned with that of the(SJICR are provided with an opportunity for leadership development, to network with other organizations, and to plan for the next semester.

Social Justice Speaker Series
This lecture series serves as one of the SJICR’s main offerings for the celebration and observance of national/international days or months related to various affinity groups including women, ALANA, and LGBTQ. Speakers of this series consist of nationally renowned academics, organizers, social justice educators, or news makers.