Sexual Violence Prevention

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Sexual Violence Prevention

Sexual Violence Prevention Program

If you need immediate assistance for yourself or a friend, please click here.


The Sexual Violence Prevention Program is a multi-faceted approach to keeping our campus safe and empower the Rowan community to help stop power-based personal violence. 

Mission Statement
To provide: violence-free safe environments for students, employees, and visitors; education about how to reduce incidences of power based violence; and, information and assistance for survivors of power based violence. 

Position Statement
Rowan University cares and is committed to a community that is free from power-based violence and oppression including sexual assault, stalking and relationship violence of any kind. Rowan does not excuse or tolerate power-based violence and oppression within the community and adheres to federal, state and local requirements for intervention, crime reporting, and privacy provisions related to violence. Rowan University supports campus prevention efforts to reduce power-based violence and oppression and offers resources and services to support anyone affected by violence.

Ending power-based violence and oppression requires involvement of the entire campus community in efforts to change behaviors and perceptions of power based violence and oppression. 


Rowan University supports the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program. Click the logo to learn more!

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