ROI Student Tutorial

ROI Student Tutorial

Rowan Online Immersion Student Onboarding Tutorial

About Rowan Online Immersion

Rowan Online Immersion (called ROI) is a free training tutorial provided in the Rowan Canvas learning management system. It is designed to prepare students taking online or hybrid courses for the first-time at Rowan University. Students who have taken online courses at other institutions are encouraged to take ROI so that they become familiar with Rowan's online learning and technology. The course takes approximately 1 hour to complete and can be completed at the student's own pace, meaning that this course does not require the student to be online at a specific date or time. There are no live sessions, nor is there an instructor managing the course.

Key topics covered include:

  • What to expect in a Rowan Online or Hybrid course. 
  • Technology and support overview.
  • Important policies and resources.

All students taking online or hybrid courses are encouraged to enroll to ensure success using Rowan's online learning platforms. For the best chance of success, Rowan Online recommends that students complete the tutorial prior to starting their first online or hybrid course. Once a student has successfully completed the ROI tutorial, it is not necessary to take it again while they are an active student a Rowan University. 

How to Self-Enroll 

Any current student with an active Rowan Network Account can enroll into ROI at any time. Click the ROI Enrollment Link (opens in a new window). You may be required to log into Canvas with your Rowan Network Account. You will be asked to confirm your enrollment. You can then choose to be taken into the tutorial or you can view it on your dashboard in Canvas.