Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

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Basketball Courts

Slapping the backboards, dunking and hanging on the rims or nets are strictly prohibited because of the risk of injury and potential damage to the equipment. Recreation Center approved programming has priority usage. Only on-duty staff has the authority to take down or setup volleyball/badminton nets/indoor soccer goals. Participants should contact the front desk to request this service. No gum is allowed. Spitting is strictly prohibited. Court “3” is designated for half court play and shoot around. However, Sunday – Friday when courts "1" and "2" are being used for recreational programming during the hours of 6pm- 9pm, priority goes to full court play on court “3.” At all other times, no full court can be played on court “3.” Full court basketball games will abide by the following rules: Games are to 16 or to 12 if teams are waiting to play. Winners stay on the court; losers will rotate out. Please demonstrate fair and courteous behavior when courts are full and teams are waiting. No hockey sticks of any kind are permitted. Any players who engage in fighting or profanity will be immediately escorted off the premises. Resistance or repeated occurrences may result in closing of the basketball court area or suspension of Recreation Center privileges.


The Student Recreation Center is a unique facility on our campus. The Center provides numerous opportunities for interaction between the diverse populations that comprise the University community. In this regard it provides the ideal climate for learning to respect the dignity and worth of each individual. Please join the staff in promoting an environment that demonstrates these qualities. The staff is trained to treat all users with respect. We in turn request that we be treated with respect. It is possible to register a difference of opinion or complaint in a civil manner. The use of abusive or profane language will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment of patrons or employees will be resolved through the use of all available legal channels.

Facility Maintenance

Please help keep the facility neat and appealing to all users by properly disposing of litter. Recycling bins are available in the main lobby area. Make every attempt to report spills or unclean areas to the staff promptly.

Attire and Footwear

Campus Recreation values an inclusive environment as well as your health and well-being. As you use the facilities, realize that exposed skin can be at risk to disease exposure. Therefore we encourage participants to clean all fitness equipment before and after use.

The following attire is required at all times:

In the Recreation Center and Fitness Center: shirts and shorts/pants must be worn at all times  (exceptions are the locker room areas and the pool).

The following clothing articles are strictly prohibited in fitness areas: items with metal rivets, snaps and zippers.

Non-marking, closed-toed, athletic shoes must be worn in the following areas: gymnasium, track and fitness area(s).  No bare feet are permitted except in the swimming areas, locker rooms or for other specified programs. No hiking/work boots or sandals are permitted.   

Photo and Video Policy

Email reccenter@rowan.edu for permission to film in the facility. 

You may take photos for personal use in the Campus Recreation Facilities, but you must obtain the permission of anyone who may be identified in the photo or video. No photo or video may be taken in group fitness classes or pool areas during open swim. Photography and filming are prohibited at all times in restrooms and locker room spaces. Taking photos or video of identifiable individuals without their consent is prohibited and is cause for immediate removal from Rec Center facilities and possible suspension. The use of any professional equipment is prohibited in the facilities without prior consent. Outside news media and those wishing to shoot photo/video for commercial purposes must coordinate through the office of University Relations.