I am a student. Do I need to buy a membership?

No. All undergraduate students carrying at least 6.5 credits and all graduate students taking 5 or more credits have already paid their membership fee through the student activity fee. In order to use the facility students only need the Rowan issued Student ID. Without your Rowan issued ID you will NOT be allowed to use the facilities. 

Can I bring a friend to workout with me?

At the Rec Center you are permitted a maximum 2 guests Monday - Thursday and 4 guests Friday after 3 p.m. through Sunday. At the Fitness Center you are only permitted 2 guests on Saturdays and Sundays. A picture ID with birth date is required. All guests during the week at the Recreation Center and on the weekends at the Fitness Center must be at least 18 years of age. You must remain in the facility with your guest(s) at all times. Guest fee is $10 per person.

Are there any major policies I should know about?

Yes. We also ask that you wipe down equipment after each use to help prevent the spread of diseases transmitted through sweat and other bodily fluids. Also, when playing basketball, slapping the backboards, dunking and hanging on the rims or nets are prohibited because of the risk of injury. Except for water in clear plastic containers, food & beverages are only permitted in the lobby area. For a full list of our policies visit here.

I want to participate in Intramurals but I don't have a team. Can I still play?

All you need to do is register as a free agent. Purchase your intramural membership through our portal or at the main office and then register through imleagues.com and you can join a team as a free agent. If you need any help with imleagues or have any intramural related questions, please email us at rowanintramurals@gmail.com 

How do I sign up for a Group Fitness Class?

The first week of every semester Group Fitness Classes are FREE! All you need is your student ID. After the first week you may purchase a pass from the front desk or through our member portal.

How can I get a job at Campus Rec?

Although we hire most employees in the spring semester for fall positions, we occasionally have vacancies throughout the year. We recommend filling out an application and returning it to our office at your earliest convenience. Current vacancies are posted here.

Where can I keep my stuff when I'm working out?

We have daily use lockers available for students and members to use. Make sure to bring your own lock or rent one out with your I.D. at the main office.