Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Crime Log/Clery Glossary

As part of the Daily Crime Log/Fire Log requirements, Rowan University Department of Public Safety is obligated to provide the disposition of the offense, if known. These definitions apply to the codes used.

Case# Prefixes

  • DPS - Rowan Department of Public Safety incident report
  • LLEA - Local law enforcement or outside law enforcement agency incident report
  • CSA - Campus Security Authority report
  • GEN - Non-CSA report to the Clery Compliance Office


The case is currently under investigation by Rowan University Department of Public Safety.
The case is determined through investigation to be false or baseless. No offense occurred nor was attempted.
Referred to University Department:
The case is referred to the appropriate supervisory employee or Rowan University Department to review the case and determine if disciplinary action will be initiated.
Closed Referred to GPD:
The case is being investigated by the Glassboro Police Dept.
Closed Referred to Outside Agency:
The case is being investigated by a law enforcement agency other than Rowan University Department of Public Safety or Glassboro Police Dept. The specific agency will be identified in the disposition. Agency with jurisdictional responsibility.
Closed Referred to Dean of Students:
The case has been forwarded to the Dean of Students Office. That office is responsible for reviewing the case and determining whether the student(s) involved will be charged with a violation(s) of the Student Code of Conduct.
Closed Referred to GC Prosecutor:
The case is referred to the County Prosecutor’s Office. That agency will review the case and determine if charges will be filed.
Closed Public Space:
Case occurred on public property within the campus boundaries. Rowan University Department of Public Safety did not investigate the case.
Closed Subject Barred:
The subject(s) has been issued a University ban notice which restricts the subject from entering or accessing any University property. A violation of a ban notice may result in that person's arrest for trespassing.
Closed Subject Warned:
The subject(s) has been warned.
Closed Subject Arrested:
Subject(s) has been arrested/charged by either Rowan University Department of Public Safety or other law enforcement agency.
Closed Subject Issued Boro Summons:
The subject(s) issued borough summons for ordinance violations.
Closed Investigation Completed Unsolved:
No identifiable suspect. No suspects or witnesses. Case has no solvability.
Closed Reclassified:
The original incident report classification has been changed to accurately reflect the appropriate classification.
Closed No Further Action:
No further investigative action is required. For example: Victim did not want further action, not cooperating. Closed investigation completed and unsolved with no identifiable suspect or witnesses. Case has no solvability.
A complaint/case which has been investigated but, currently lacks sufficient information to determine who committed the crime, not closed.

Fire Log Glossary

  • Unintentional fire: A fire that does not involve an intentional human act to ignite or spread into an area where the fire should not be.Unintentional Fire Examples:
    • Cooking: Grease fire on stove top, oven or microwave
    • Smoking Materials: Discarded lit cigarette butt
    • Open Flames: Candles
    • Electrical: Electrical arcing, overheated electrical motor
    • Heating Equipment: Heating stoves, space heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters
    • Hazardous Products: Spontaneous combustion; chemical reaction
    • Machinery/Industrial: Heat from friction (e.g. fan belts);cutting and welding
    • Natural: Fires that result from a natural phenomenon, i.e. tornadoes, lighting and earthquakes
    • Other: Fireworks (including sparklers), paper caps, party poppers and firecrackers, sunlight magnified through glass or bottle), fire that start in a building that is not an on-campus student housing facility and spread to an on-campus student housing facility.
  • Intentional: A fire that is ignited; or that results from the deliberate action, in circumstances where the person knows there should not be a fire.
  • Undetermined: A fire which cannot be determined.