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What's in the Sky? April 2023

Spring is finally here, and we're looking forward to another season of great stargazing!

Conjunction of Venus and Neptune - February 15

Get your telescopes out to view Venus and Neptune together on the evening of February 15.

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter - March 1

Watch as Venus and Jupiter approach each other over the next few weeks, ahead of their close conjunction on March 1.

February Skies

Find out what's in the sky in February

Comet C/2022 ZTF Reaches Perihelion

A comet visible once every 50,000 years has reached its closest approach to the sun. It may become visible to the unaided eye later this month.

Conjunction of Venus and Saturn

Venus and Saturn will meet in the sky on the evening of January 22. Find out all the details of when and where to see it.

Io Shadow Crosses Jupiter

Watch as Jupiter's closest moon, Io, passes in front of Jupiter, casting a shadow on the gas giant's cloud tops.

Total Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse will be visible in the early morning hours of November 8.

What's Up in November

Find out what's visible in your backyard this month.

Bright Passes of the ISS

Get up early to see the International Space Station as it flies overhead this week!

Mercury Occultation on October 24

Mercury will be briefly covered by the Moon on October 24.

Uranus Occultation

Our Astronomy faculty are hoping for clear skies on the night of September 12/13 to view a Uranus occultation.