First Year Students

First Year Students

Acquiring Accommodations

  1. Students requiring accommodations should contact the Disability Resources office upon receiving an acceptance letter or when a disability is identified.
  2. Provide the office with required documentation of the disability (please refer to our Documentation Guidelines)
  3. Meet with Disability Resources Coordinator:
    1. Fill out Disability_Registration_Form and Disability_Consent_for_Release_Form
    2. Meet with Disability Resources staff member
    3. Discuss accommodations and develop plan
    4. Fill out any additional forms (ADHD Verification FormMeal Plan Accommodation Form)
  4. For classroom accommodations, the student must pick up letters certifying eligibility and outlining required accommodations. The student is responsible for sharing these letters with faculty every semester.

College Compass Transition Program

College Compass is a program geared specifically for residential and commuter students with Disabilities providing a smooth transition to college and campus life.

  • Provides you with the chance to move in early & get settled before the majority of other students
  • Support for students during move-in weekend and welcome week activities
  • Workshops providing students with valuable information to students new to Rowan
  • Personalized tours of campus showcasing valuable resource

The 2019 College Compass program is August 26-30, 2019. The Registration fee is $500.00 which includes:

  • Parent /student welcome mixer
  • Early move- in
  • On and off campus events
  • Parent workshop
  • Meals

Click here to register and pay online with a credit card using the link provided on the brochure.