Caps and Gowns

Caps and Gowns

Caps and gowns

The pageantry of Commencement is rich with symbolism and tradition. Candidates for graduation must wear a cap and gown to participate in any and all ceremonies.

Visit the Barnes & Noble Commencement Fair (April 1-4, 2019) to purchase your cap and gown. If you cannot attend the Commencement Fair, please visit Barnes and Noble during normal business hours before April 26, 2019 to purchase your cap and gown. (Caps and gowns are keepsakes and do not need to be returned after Commencement) 

Custom doctoral regalia

Please note that doctoral students wishing to purchase a custom gown need to contact Valerie Wojcik at 856-881-5954 to schedule a fitting. Custom doctoral gowns cost $1105. The deadline to place an order is March 8, 2019.

Regalia for medical students

Students graduating from the School of Osteopathic Medicine will be renting regalia. The cost for rental is $109.98. More details coming soon. 

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences graduates will be renting regalia. More details coming soon. 

Students graduating from Cooper Medical School of Rowan University will be fitted with regalia during Match Week. The cost for rental is $109.98. For specific questions, students should contact the CMSRU Office of Student Affairs and Admissions. 

Regalia pricing

Style Description Fee
Bachelor Cap, Gown and Tassel $43.98
Bachelor Academic / Double Cords $14.98
Bachelor Triple Cords (Geography or Political Science) $21.49
Bachelor Cap Only $10.98
Bachelor Black Tassel with 2019 $6.98
Bachelor Key Chain Tassel $5.98
Bachelor Souvenir Tassel with Crystal 2019 $12.98
Bachelor Souvenir Tassel with Medallion $9.98
Bachelor Souvenir Tassel with Proud Mom/Dad $6.98
Master Cap, Gown, Silver Tassel and Hood $81.98
Master Cap, Gown and Silver Tassel $45.98
Master Master Hood Only $36.00
Master Cap Only $10.98
Master Silver Tassel $6.98
Educational Specialist Cap, Gown, Blue Tassel and Hood $91.98
Educational Specialist Cap, Gown and Blue Tassel $45.98
Educational Specialist Hood Only $46.00
Educational Specialist Blue Tassel $6.98
Doctor (PhD/EdD) Cap, Gown, Gold Tassel and Hood $99.98
Doctor (PhD/EdD) Cap, Gown and Gold Tassel $53.98
Doctor (PhD/EdD) Hood Only $46.00
Doctor (PhD/EdD) 6-Sided Tam $58.98
Doctor (PhD/EdD) Cap Only $10.98
Doctor (PhD/EdD) Gold Tassel



Honor cords

Honor cords for bachelor’s degree candidates with academic honors (i.e. cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude), see fee schedule above. University honors are based on the cumulative GPA earned at the end of the Fall semester of the students' final year.