Special Needs Accommodations

Special Needs Accommodations

Special Needs Accommodations

The distance between parking lots and ceremony locations can be long and strenuous for elderly or mobility-impaired guests. Please review the information below and make the necessary arrangements to ensure a safe and memorable Commencement Day.

Special needs accommodations are available for individuals with ANY of the following:

  • Wheelchair, walker, powered device, cane, crutches
  • Unable to step on/off a bus or van
  • Needs assistance; unsteady on feet
  • Cannot use stairs
  • Needs portable oxygen
  • Unable to walk more than 100 feet unassisted
  • Hearing or visually impaired

If your needs are not described above, please contact the Academic Success Center at (856) 256-4259 to request accommodations.


If you require special parking accommodations for the Commencement ceremonies, you MUST contact the parking office at parking@rowan.edu no later than May 3, 2019. Passes are assigned to qualified guests on a first-come, first-served basis.


Seating for special needs guests is available at all ceremonies. Seating is limited to individuals with disabilities and ONE companion. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Various modes of transportation will be available to take guests from the main ceremony on the University Green to college ceremony locations. This transportation runs on a first-come, first-served basis.

American Sign Language interpreters

If a sign language interpreter is needed for college ceremonies, please contact the Academic Success Center at (856) 256-4259.

Wheelchair rental

Rowan University does not provide wheelchairs for the Commencement ceremonies. If you need a wheelchair, please make your own arrangements prior to the ceremony. Wheelchair rental is available through Delcrest Medical Supplies at (856) 665-7676 or Mr. Wheelchair at (215) 333-7303.

Rain ceremony accommodations

Guests with special needs parking passes should still park in the designated special needs lots. Shuttles and vans will be available in these lots to transport special needs guests to the rain ceremony locations.