Thank You

Thank You

Thanks To You

This is truly an extraordinary time for an extraordinary University. As we continue our Centennial celebration, Rowan is poised for our next transformation—enhancing the student experience and success, advancing academic excellence, achieving healthcare and life sciences prominence, and driving an economic renaissance in South Jersey and beyond. We have important work to do as we continue to expand our culture of philanthropy and we are so grateful that you have joined us on this journey.

Thank you again for your support and dedication to our institution. Our community of alumni, students, families, faculty, staff and friends is part of our ambitious journey. Your partnership is truly invaluable, and we look forward to entering into Rowan University’s next transformation with you.

"Education is still the single most important means of changing a person's life. It is what made the difference for me, and it's critical that our investment supports superior education for as many students as possible." - Henry M. Rowan


Dr. Martinson standing in front of the Honors College signage.

Impact Stories

Stories of donor impact demonstrate how philanthropic gifts are transforming our growth and shaping our next 100 years.

A group of four donors posing for a photo.

President's Forum

The President’s Forum donor society was established to honor and recognize those who provide significant contributions annually.

Rowan Univeristy's Bunce Hall with sunflowers in front.

Rowan Advances

Rowan Advances brings you stories of positive impact and unparalleled philanthropy.​