TracDat is Rowan University's assessment management system.  All undergraduate and master's degree programs submit annual assessment reports in the system, but TracDat has other uses as well.

Logging in to TracDat

TracDat can be found at Log in using your Rowan University ID and password. If you are unable to log in, contact the Director of Assessment at Faculty who are entering direct assessment data for their students do not need to log in or know how to use TracDat; they will receive an email with a link to the online form.

Annual Assessment Reports

Information about annual assessment reporting can be found on the Academic Assessment page.

TracDat Instructions

Detailed instructions for entering annual assessment reports and creating curriculum maps in TracDat are available at  If you would like to use TracDat to collect direct assessment data, contact the Director of Assessment at  

Other Uses for TracDat

Curriculum Mapping

TracDat has a powerful curriculum mapping functionality. A curriculum map is a way to show how student learning outcomes are developed across the curriculum. Faculty examine each outcome to determine what outcome(s) are developed in each course and at what level.  

There are three ways a course might be related to an outcome:

Introduce Students first learn about key ideas, concepts or skills related to the outcome.
Reinforce Students gain additional information related to the outcome. They may start to synthesize key ideas or skills and are expected to demonstrate their knowledge or ability at increasingly proficient levels.
Emphasize Students are expected to be able to demonstrate their ability to perform the outcome with a reasonably high level of independence and sophistication.

A curriculum map can identify holes in a curriculum or outcomes that are being taught at the same level in too many courses. TracDat also links programs' curriculum maps to their assessment frameworks to make it easy to see which courses might provide opportunties to assess a given student learning outcome.

Collection of Direct Assessment Data

TracDat allows programs to collect student performance data in a detailed way. Faculty can enter their evaluations of student learning based on a rubric, multiple choice questions, or any other way they evaluate their students. This method is being used in all Rowan Core courses. Data collected this way are visualized in the Student Learning Assessment dashboard.