Rowan Core Assessment

Rowan Core Assessment

Rowan Core Assessment

Course Development

For information on course development, see How to Add Courses to Rowan Core on the Learning Assessment and Rowan Core Committee page.

Faculty Teaching Rowan Core Courses

Syllabus Requirements

Faculty teaching Rowan Core courses are required to include the approved course objectives, aligned Rowan Core outcomes, and a brief statement about Rowan Core on their syllabi. This information is included in the Rowan University Syllabus Policy.  The policy does not preclude faculty from including additional course objectives or using additional assessment methods.

Assessment Requirements

Faculty teaching Rowan Core courses are required to use the assessment methods that were proposed by the course director and approved by the Rowan Core Committee. These assessment methods are graded components of the course.

Faculty then submit their evaluations of each of their students’ work using an online form within TracDat, the University’s assessment management system. The form mirrors the assessment method developed by the course director, meaning student performance on each set of objective questions and/or each rubric dimension is reported separately in the assessment management system. Faculty are sent links to the forms by email; no login is required.

Rowan Core Reporting

Rowan Core Data

The raw data from the faculty evaluations of student work are visualized in an interactive dashboard that is available to department heads/chairs, departmental assessment committee members, and course directors. 

The data can be used by departments to evaluate the effectiveness of their courses and their major students' level of preparation. The feedback is immediate, as the dashboards are updated nightly. This means well-informed curricular and pedagogical decisions can be made regularly rather than requiring additional evaluations of student work or time-consuming data analysis and reporting.

No information can be used to link faculty's evaluations of student performance to individual faculty. 

Aggregate data from all sections of the course are visualized in the Student Learning Assessment Dashboard. Log in with your Rowan University user name and password. If you do not have access, contact the Director of Assessment at  Depending on your role in the department, you may also need permission from your chair/head to access the dashboard.

 Rowan Core Dashboard Image