COVID Information

COVID Information

Important COVID Information

Updated 3/12/2024

The Wellness Center has updated the respiratory illness guidance in line with the latest CDC guidance found here. Individuals, considered lower risk, who experience a respiratory illness with a fever should stay home or away from others until 24 hours fever free and symptoms are improving. Students diagnosed with a respiratory disease may be asked to isolate off campus until their symptoms are resolving. Public health officials recommend wearing a mask for 5 additional days to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. RSV, Influenza, Covid-19, and many other viruses are still circulating locally and everyone should continue to take preventative measures like covering coughs, practicing social distancing, washing hands often, and staying up to date with vaccinations. High risk individuals (those with chronic conditions or are immune compromised) should consider testing and treatment because symptoms for RSV, flu, covid-19 and numerous other seasonal respiratory illnesses have similar presentations. Employees should contact their supervisor and Human Resources for specific information regarding missed time and return to work protocols. Students missing three or more consecutive class days due to illness should contact their professor for support and may notify the Dean of Students to request a formal absence notice here.


January 31, 2024 COVID-19 Update

  • Walgreens is offering Rapid Flu testing which comes as a COVID bundle. Patients can test for peace of mind or concern of exposure. The website states that it is covered by insurance, and without insurance it is $19.99. Patients are instructed to just schedule an appointment online for testing. Walgreens in Glassboro, NJ offers this service. Please call your local Walgreens to confirm.
    For more information about this test, please click HERE.