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    Last updated 1/31/2024

Public Health Information


Updated 1/31/2024

  • Walgreens is offering Rapid Flu testing which comes as a COVID bundle. Patients can test for peace of mind or concern of exposure. The website states that it is covered by insurance, and without insurance it is $19.99. Patients are instructed to just schedule an appointment online for testing. Walgreens in Glassboro, NJ offers this service. Please call your local Walgreens to confirm.
    For more information about this test, please click HERE.

Previous Public Health Updates

  • 1/16/2024: A confirmed measles case has been identified in a New Jersey resident. The source of the infection is currently unknown and no direct link has been identified to the ongoing measles outbreak in Philadelphia. This is the first confirmed case of measles reported in NJ since March 2023. The NJDOH is working in collaboration with local health officials to identify and notify people who might have been exposed during the time the individual was infectious. As of January 16, 2024, no additional cases have been identified. Secondary cases would be expected to occur no later than February 2, 2024. For more information on Measles, click here.

  • There is an ongoing salmonella outbreak associated with cantaloupe. Click here for more information.

  • NJ Department of Health is reporting HIGH transmission levels of flu in all counties as of January 6th. Please take follow health official recommendations by staying home and avoiding others when you have flu like symptoms, wash your hands often, mask if you need to be around others, and seek healthcare if illness does not improve or you are high risk for severe complications.


  • 10/30/2023: To date, the University held 15 clinics and administered over 500 doses of influenza vaccine. Flu vaccine remains in abundance in the community through health departments, pharmacies, primary care and other healthcare providers. Students can call to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated at the Glassboro Wellness Center at  856-256-4333.