University Events

University Events

Event Guidance during COVID-19

Download the Event Guidance Document - UPDATED 9.2.20

Event planning requires additional considerations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Hosting events, both on the university campuses or virtually will benefit from enhanced planning to ensure hygiene and public health measures are followed. These actions help limit the spread of COVID-19 and keep the Rowan community safe.

The following provides guidance for student groups, academic and professional programs and events planners to follow.  The event organizer must implement the best practices and recommendations set forth.

  • For the foreseeable future, event planners should always consider delivering meetings and events in a virtual format. If the event purpose requires an in-person occurrence, safety protocol listed in this document must be followed.
  • Priority reservations and scheduling will be given to academic purposes and student activities.
  • Existing fall semester events and meetings may require modification or postponement.
  • Event requests from external organizations and events with external audiences are not being accepted through December 2020.
  • All visitors must be scheduled in advance. Visitors will be asked to self-report any symptoms of COVID-19 and a log will be kept of their visit and which areas they visited. Logs will be submitted to each building manager for contact investigation if needed. Visitors must follow face covering and social distancing policies. Rowan employees who host visitors must inform their guests of all public health policies.
  • Event requests may be submitted for late 2020 through 2021, but please note requests are subject to change/cancellation based on spring semester academic needs and new COVID-19 guidelines.

Definition of an event for the purposes of these guidelines
For the purpose of these guidelines, an “event” is defined as an extracurricular experience. This means that all curricular or other academic courses (e.g. classroom obligations, etc.) do not need to follow this process. Curricular and other academic courses must follow the process set forth by the Office of Academic Affairs and work directly with your Dean’s Office.

To submit an event for review by the Emergency Operations Team, Events Sub-Committee, please complete the form at 

Note: These guidelines are subject to change as pandemic guidelines and orders from the CDC and State of New Jersey may be adjusted.  Ongoing communication will be developed as health, safety and event protocols may change in the future.