What we do

What we do

What we do

The Office of University Events designs, produces and manages impeccable events for our internal as well as external clients as we extend the presidential standard of hospitality throughout the university. We are a client service department which provides centralized standard of excellence, quality, and protocol across all Rowan University campuses. 

University Events support varies from full management of an event, which includes the design, production and management, to giving advice about the program during an event, to simply supporting at guest check-in. We are experienced in a wide range of specialties, such as campus celebrations and groundbreaking ceremonies to large-scale conferences and intellectual gatherings, we produce unique events that support and enhance Rowan University’s reputation for excellence within the framework of academic, business and social etiquette. We love what we do! 

We coordinate and manage events each year for campus, community members, parents, dignitaries, and elected officials. We partner with you to ensure a memorable event that meets your needs and goals. We can help every step of the way in planning and implementing—from concept, design and etiquette to vendor selection and budgeting.

Following established protocol demonstrates respect and professionalism in multifaceted, cross-cultural communications and situations. We can help with issuing an official invitation, identifying appropriate seating for dignitaries and leaders, and determining the order of program speakers.


It is time to celebrate your accomplishments! Commencement is the largest celebration of the year and University Events is here to create a memorable and lasting experience for Rowan University. To learn more about Commencement, please click here.

Board of Trustees Meetings and Receptions

The Board of Trustees of Rowan University is vested by law with the general supervision of the university, its curriculum, services and policies. 

University Events with the Office of the President plan and execute the meeting needs for the closed and public sessions. After the public sessions, a small reception with the Board is held in the Eynon Ballroom of the Chamberlain Student Center. 

To learn more about the Board of Trustees of Rowan University, please click here.

Presidential Lecture Series

Rowan University hosts the Presidential Lecture Series, which is free and open to the public, brings prominent speakers to campus to address a host of topics - from education to science to history to politics.  Previous speakers have included, among many others, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Cornel West, Stephen Jay Gould, Jonathon Kozol, Scott Sagan, Sergei Khrushchev, and Dan Rather. 

Anniversary Celebrations

In 2017 Rowan University commemorated the historic Glassboro Summit with a series of special events and presentations throughout the year, culminating on June 24th with a community celebration and tours of Hollybush Mansion. 

Celebrating Excellence Awards Ceremony

A Rowan tradition each spring, the Celebrating Excellence Awards Ceremony honors faculty and staff for their distinguished teaching, research, service to the University, and mentorship of students.