Interfaith and Spiritual Alliance

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Interfaith and Spiritual Alliance



The Interfaith and Spiritual Alliance aims to promote a campus environment that is inclusive of student’s religious, spiritual, and secular identities and allows for expression and exploration of spiritual beliefs and values. Programs and initiatives will advance understanding and appreciation of the contributions of communities varying beliefs.

Programs and Initiatives

SJICR Kick Off & Student Org. Fair
Celebration during Welcome Week to learn more about SJICR and Rowan's 50+ Cultural and Identity based student organizations on campus.  Free food, music, photobooth and prizes!
Interfaith Dialogue
Ever want to have a conversation about faith & religion that is productive rather than combative? We live in a country where freedom of religion is guaranteed in our constitution. And given the plurality of religious or faith-traditions in the world and the inherent diversity of our “nation of immigrants”, talking about matters of faith often turns into a debate on why one belief or lack thereof is right or wrong. Join us as we practice the elements of interfaith dialogue in an effort to learn from and with one another.
Holiday Kickoff Fair
December is a month filled with cultural and spiritual holidays. Join SJICR to connect with student organizations and community partners while learning about the array of holidays celebrated throughout the month of December. We will have food, tables, and demonstrations where you can learn more about Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Yule, Christmas, Bodhi Day, and Posadas Navideñas!
Set of policies and protocols to assist you with reporting concerns and
seeking assistance in difficult situations.