Ramadan Resources

As we near the end of the semester the Islamic holy month of Ramadan (4/1-5/1) is upon us. Muslims who observe Ramadan fast from dawn until sunset and participate in Taraweeh prayers each evening for approximately two hours for 30 days that are determined annually by the lunar calendar.

Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Quran during the month of Ramadan. It is a time for spiritual reflection and self-improvement, and Muslims practice self-control, gratitude, and compassion for others who are less fortunate. Muslims focus on religious devotion by increasing daily prayers, reading the Quran, and giving to charity (zakat). 

For more information about Ramada please see the DEI Blog (https://rowandei.wordpress.com/2021/03/29/dei-prof-spectives-ramadan/)

Accommodating Muslim Students on Campus

As we embark on Ramadan, it is important to create a welcoming environment that allows our Muslim students to feel fully supported. For faculty and staff some best practices could be:

  • Make any class materials during Ramadan available virtually in an asynchronous format so that students can remain caught up, should they miss content due to spiritual practices.
  • Offer an asynchronous option for classes meetings during the breaking of the fast at sunset.
  • Offer students the opportunity to meet during regular or extended office hours in order to stay current with course materials and content.  
  • Avoid scheduling meetings or events with student groups after sunset.
  • Include information about the religious observances policy on syllabi. 
  • Be aware of private spaces where students can go to pray near your location or share the prayer space locations we have on campus: Hawthorne 202 and Savitz 218

Most importantly, talk to your students about how you can support and advocate for them during Ramadan and beyond.

Dining Options for Students

Gourmet Dining can assist students with campus meal plans during Ramadan. Dining locations will be open after sunset as usual. As dining locations will not be open before sunrise, students who would like to pre-order a packaged breakfast kit for pick up the day prior should contact Gourmet Dining directly by sending your request, name, and Banner ID to Chattback via text message to 856-655-3036 or email to rudietitian@compass-usa.com. Please include what time during service hours you would like to pick up your breakfast kit from Glassworks Eatery or Holly Pointe Commons. A meal credit will be deducted from your meal plan for each kit. If you do not have a meal plan, you must have Rowan Bucks available to be charged for the meal. You can add Rowan Bucks to your account at https://myrowancard.rowan.edu  if needed. 

Additional Resources

SJICR: https://sites.rowan.edu/sjicr/index.html

         IG: @RowanSJICR

Rowan Muslim Student Association

IG: @RowanMSA