Report Documentation in the Cascade Editor Guide

Contributors can access several reports and widgets in Cascade to help manage site content. Documentation for each report may be found in the Cascade Editor Guide under the Reports section.

Broken Links Report

The Broken Links report helps contributors identify web addresses and URLs that may be broken or no longer working. Cascade will test each link on the site to ensure it is working.

Stale Content Report

The Stale Content report compiles assets that have not been modified within a specified time period, which is specific to each user. Only pages and files may be considered stale.

Suggested Unused Assets Report (New!)

The Suggested Unused Assets Report helps site contributors identify assets not referenced within the system. An unused or unreferenced asset means Cascade is not aware of how an asset is related to other content, if at all.

Content Up for Review Report

The Content Up for Review report displays all site content scheduled for future review or is overdue for review. A future schedule review date can be set on any asset.