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What is a Sport Club? 
A sport club is a registered student organization that promotes and develops interest in a particular sport or physical activity. A club may be instructional, recreational or competitive, or may involve any combination. Participation in a sport club is voluntary. Sport clubs are officially sponsored by the University through the Rowan Recreation Center. 

What is the difference between intramurals and extramural sport clubs? 
Although both are managed by the Department of Campus Recreation, sport club teams are led and organized by students. Team practices, meetings, competitions, budgets, and fundraisers are organized, managed, and led by club officers and club members . Also, sport clubs travel to other universities to compete, while those playing intramurals compete against other Rowan University students.

Do I need experience to participate? 
Not necessarily. Many of the clubs recruit athletes of any skill level and are willing to teach newcomers their sport. 

Do sport clubs conduct try-outs? 
Due to the competitive nature of several of the clubs, some sport clubs conduct try-outs. However, the majority of the sports clubs do not hold tryouts. For information on a specific team, contact the club officer.

How do I join a Sport Club? 
You must first contact the club you are interested in to find out when they hold practices or try-outs. Many clubs hold general information sessions at the beginning of each semester to recruit interested new members. To initiate the process, you may also fill out a Sport Clubs Recruiting/ Interest form at the Rec Center front desk OR submit an Online Interest Form. 

What kind of commitment do sport clubs require? 
Sport Club commitments vary. Some clubs practice year-round, while others don't practice together at all. Competition attendance may also be mandatory for some clubs.

What are the benefits of joining a sport club? 
Joining a sport club has many rewards. Among them are making friends, getting exercise, using your student fee to its fullest, traveling to new and interesting locations, and the respect that comes with representing Rowan University on the playing-field.

Are there costs associated with participating? 
Membership dues vary for each club. Higher dues can be expected for club sports that require a lot a lot of equipment, special facilities, and plan to travel frequently. Some clubs do not collect any dues. Fundraising efforts will help reduce out of pocket expenses for members.

Still Have Questions?

For further information, please email Drew D'Elia (Assistant Director, Sport Clubs & Student Development) at 856-256-4908 or